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Welcome to the AMB Associates Online University

My name is Andrew and I am the founder and owner of this training and development portal.

I have created this as a result of losing my mum a few years ago. It made me think long and hard about my life, my own family and also my eventual demise. What it made me do was think about what’s important to me and think about my purpose in life.

I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy some success in my life, having made significant contributions to global organisations such as Vodafone and Panasonic and starting my own businesses has also played a big role in that. But more important was the fact that I continued to learn and I still continue to develop with online training being one of the methods that I use to be on top of my game and keep my skills up to date.

However, the loss of my mum forced me to make some hard decisions, including changing my career.

I realised that I truly enjoy helping people. I think that this stems from the fact that there’s been a few people who’ve helped me over the years which had a profound effect on how my life has turned out. So now I help others when ever I can and I’ve found great satisfaction in doing that. This portal is another way that I can do that…

Earlier this year, I set myself the goal of changing the lives of a million people. Yes, I know that’s pretty ambitious, but the way I see it is even if I manage to help just one person, then I’ve made the world a slightly better place.

To do that I’ve launched this Online University to help you to grow, develop and hopefully improve your life. Now this alone isn’t going to achieve my goal, which is why I’m going to use 10% of all revenue to help build a school in Africa by working with a charity called Pencils Of Promise.

So I do hope that the AMB Associates Online University helps you to achieve your dreams and in return helps me to achieve mine.


Andrew McBarnett FCMA CGMA

"A Huge Thank You For Starting The Beginning of Her Transformation!

[Hannah has taken on board all your strategies...a tremendous turnaround. She got into her first choice [university] and thank you for all your advice. I've passed my exams, so your magic worked with me too!"

- Sarah Sanders, Mother of Hannah Sanders

"I Would Not Hesitate To Recommend!

Andrew's input and business acumen allowed us to win a high number of high profile contracts totaling hundreds of millions of dollars."

- Mark Jennings, Chief Operating Officer - Panasonic

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AMB Associates Online University

"Andrew's Depth of Understanding Totally Transformed The Way We Look At The Business!

Andrew's personal integrity lead him to be highly regarded as a trusted advisor throughout the business including the Group CEO."

- Paul Vogel, CEO Accountancy & Cloud Division - Iris Software Group

"Andrew Possesses All The Correct Attributes!

The respect gained within Panasonic is a testimony of this ability. On a personal level, I have found his professionalism, integrity and honesty refreshing, to the extent that we became good personal friends."

- John Palmer, Vice President of Finance - Esterline Power Systems